Water Storage Tanks & Accessories

Water Storage Tanks & Accessories

        • Waterline Floatless Fire Water Storage Tank Level Controls

          Waterline FPT-50T water tank level controls are specifically designed for use with both above ground and underground fire protection water storage tanks, providing the means of meeting the requirements of NFPA 22 to monitor both the water level and water temperature in fire water storage tanks. Depending on options selected they can provide monitoring and control of both the tank water level as well as temperature, as required by NFPA 22.

          These controls incorporate a new more reliable technology then older style float switches, with no moving parts in the probe assembly and utilize sensors which do not foul or degrade over time. 

          The Waterline FPT-50T easily integrates with the building remote alarm panel, and features as standard, top of the tank mounting for easy installation eliminating the need for side penetrations of the tank.

          These controls also offer the ability to adjust the alarm and control water levels by adapting the rod lengths in the field both during initial installation and also in the future if the need arises.

          Typically ships in 1-2 days

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