Backflow Preventer Forward Flow Connection

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    A Forward Flow Connection is designed to assist in meeting NFPA 13 and NFPA 25 requirements as it relates to conducting a backflow preventer forward flow test. NFPA 25 requires that backflow preventers be flowed annually at system demand including hose streams where hydrants or hose stations are located downstream of the backflow preventer.

    Forward flow connections are furnished with body, plate labeled “Forward Flow Connection” and connection options as selected.

    • Header/discharge pipe size   2 ½  3  4  6  8  10

    • Header/discharge connection type  - Grooved    Threaded

    • Number of outlets   1   2   3   4   6   8

    • Valve/hose outlet connection type on header  -  grooved    threaded

    • Discharge inlet location -   End   back   90 degree

    • Header orientation   -   Horizontal   vertical   square

    • Finish  -   Brass  Polished Brass   Polished chrome

    • Outlet Style – Permanent gate valves      Removable swivel gates      NST male snoots only

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