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Fire Pump Test Hose Fire Pump Pitot Flow Test Kit
2-1/2" Rubber Coated Fire Pump Test HoseAllenco Pitot Kit w/ Case, Gauge, Charts

 Starting at $92 (Various Lengths)

For measuring water discharge from hose nozzles, hydrants and other types of flow nozzles.



Fire Hydrant Flow Test Cap fire pump tachometer tach rpm meter
Allenco 2-1/2" Hydrant Test Cap w/ GaugeAllenco Digital Hand Tachometer


Non Contact Digital Hand Tachometer with LCD Display for Measuring RPMs.



fire pump packing puller set fire pump packing puller kit
Allenco Pro-Pak Basic - Fire Pump Packing Puller SetAllenco Pro-Pak Plus - Fire Pump Packing Puller Set

 15 PC Set

 23 PC Set



Digital Caliper Hydrant Wrench
Digital CaliperHydrant Wrench

Digital Caliper with Case




Reflective Tape for Tachometer Replacement blade for Allenco's hand held nozzle and hydrant pitot.
Reflective Tape for TachometerAllenco Pitot Tube Replacement Blade